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Inkers Printing is an offset printing company based in Melbourne, Australia. Our products are manufactured under the management of one of our founders, which distinguish Inkers Printing from mere printing distributors. The entire production of our products are operated in-house, which allow us to maintain close control over every process from choosing raw materials, pre-press production, press run, post-press, quality control, and recycling waste materials. In every production process, we strive to continually improve our processes for more efficient productions and better quality products. Combined with constant training and development of our human resources, we ensure our customers with prompt delivery of highest quality products at maximum savings.

Inkers Printing is committed to provide customers with the utmost satisfaction. We recognized that every project is unique and our extensive knowledge about paper printing products enables us to work alongside with businesses to provide personalized solutions.

At Inkers printing, we deliver high quality products, and our competitive prices are true reflection of the efficiency of our printing processes. Finally, with our minimum turnaround time, we believe that we can provide your business with the most excellent custom paper printing and packaging solutions.

For any enquiries and quote requests, please do not hesitate to contact us